Constant Love Is Here To Stay

23 04 2009

Today is “renew the blog day.” Too many things happened today to build up to this moment to let the blogging go undone. 

I woke up this morning pondering change and love and constants and all the theology that goes along with those big words and concepts. I thought about how everyone talks about how “constant change is here to stay.”  That led me to think about whether or not I really agreed with that whole mantra and way of life.  I also thought about how God is both constant and ever changing. He has this ability to be both static and dynamic. His mercy and lovingkindness is new every morning. And yet He is the same yesterday today and forever. 

My daughter is turning one this Saturday. My wife and I will be married seven years this Monday. I know that God has introduced new love into my life through these two people.  So I would like to reconstruct the statement. I believe that CONSTANT LOVE IS HERE TO STAY. God releases the ability to love in our lives and that grows and grows if we allow it.  A year ago I learned of a new love that was introduced into my life in the form of Ellie Renee Mohrman. And now that constant love has changed me and is here to stay.  The same love is in greater measure with my wife Kerri.

Through all that God whispers in my ear that His constant love is here to stay. He is standing at the door to our lives and asking us, ” Won’t you let me in? My constant love is here to stay.”



24 01 2009

Today I checked out the new blog of my friends Josh and Mandi  Morris, , which is an account of their trip to Korea. We just recently finished a documentary together and I went from seeing a lot of them (hello late nights with Final Cut Pro) to nothing at all which saddens me. I am happy to hear that they are experiencing life with all the ups and downs that go along.  If you get a chance add them and talk to them because right now they are floating along with just a few contacts.  It made me realize that I love knowing that there are people out there going through all sorts of things in different places.  I also got a call today from a friend in Virginia. At times I feel a bit preachy against all this technology growing at a rampant pace but today I was really thankful for these tools that allow me to keep in touch with everyone, everywhere.  So let’s stay connected. Relationships are gifts that are easy to come by but take work to maintain. I am willing to work. I like this work.

21 01 2009

Guess what! I am back again. 

I am going to keep this going because I appreciate the comments and also the interaction with people that happens as a result of this bloggin stuff.

I have been teaching the youth this month on the value of having MO(ments) with the Lord.  I am trying to teach them that throughout history God reveals Himself at key times in our lives that will transform our lives forever! I have been experiencing some of those MO(ments) recently myself. Here are a few.

1. Pravash Pomination. My new friend ( who happens to have the same tendency of reaching around the back of his head to scratch the opposite side of his head – truly a bizarre trait we share) was ordained this month and I had the awesome privilege of being a part of that.  God is doing great things in his life and we stayed up way too late just sharing our hearts.  I am so glad that God blesses me with new friendships that strengthen my love for HIM.

2.  Peaks – Really great hanging out with all of the Peak Brothers.  I have grown in my love for them.  They take me to higher places in sillyness ( like throwing a pomegranate centered party) and higher places in worship and developing my relationship with the Lord.  Jason, who is the Caleb to my Joshua, is going to take great mountains and I will be there to enter into the land of fulfilled promises with him.

3. Worship – I am constantly evaluated what this really means to me.  Last night I had an amazing discussion involving the youth group that God has blessed me with overseeing.  We are headed for some changes. I am taking great big steps of faith. After the discussion, which was defn worship, we went and put on a new mix cd courtesy of Jason Peaks and I just danced around my living room with my daughter. I know God was right there with us in my living room.  Ellie was smiling and laughing and I was singing and praising God and Kerri starting singing like I haven’t heard in awhile. It was worship.  God, Your name is above every other name in my life!


12 12 2008

Riding back from Orlando I am in awe of the power of relationships. People can encourage, discourage, question, wonder, share and participate in so many areas of our lives. Am I choosing to strengthen good and healthy relationships? I hope so.

Happy Thanksgiving! (update)

27 11 2008

Don’t forget to give thanks today! There are many things that we should all be thankful for on this day. A few things that I am thankful for: a wife and daughter, all that the Lord has given me this year, life, family, friends, opportunities to grow, new perspectives, Sony HD cameras, PBS, the ARMO, Brewer Christian College, finishing something, having time to start something new, open doors, waiting, patience, and just a ton of other things too.  I hope that you all enjoy this day!


Update: A dear friend pointed out to me that I should be thankful for Pomegranates. Indeed, this may be one of the things of which I am most thankful for this year. The power of the pom was able to reveal the secrets of the universe to me this year … which in turn led to many great things … knights of the pom table … university of pom (UP) … the pom fist exchange … im”pom”ssible … the rate of expansion of the pom galaxy … and many other pomderful things. I am sure the power of pom aka POP has changed your life as well. Even if you don’t know it yet.


14 11 2008

Lately I have been adding “licious” to the end of a lot of words. Thanks a lot Fergie. But seriously how powerful is the power of the media. The other day I was listening to someone preach and they talked about how “media” is plural for the word “medium.” Now a medium in the times of the Bible was someone who channelled spirits. Now please before you revolt do not think that I am saying that the “media” is an out of control demonic entity. I do however believe that the media has far too much control over setting the atmosphere in our nation from a “playfulicious” level to some things that are far more serious. So in my pondering and meditating I have really been seeking the Lord (who happens to be our true media(tor)) to help me hear from Him and not follow the channels that the “media” would have us walk blindly.


11 11 2008

here are some things going on. i like butterfly confetti falling on my face. i enjoy ambient instrumental music aka “i am not a gun.” people are people are people. for good or bad. they fall short or achieve greatness. but as people they are prone to behaviour which can alarm or startle or surprise. how Christ could operate through the life of a man is still such a great mystery to me. more going on. catching up with someone in a car can be good. eating a grilled cheese late at night with a tomato is delicious. God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. am i proud?  i find myself asking myself this more and more frequently. i really don’t want to be proud. i want to be a vessel that the Lord can work through in as many circumstances as possible. my golf game is still in the toilet. really really bad. i started off better than i am now. how do i correct this? prayers go out to the peaks family. they have been through some stuff and i know that it would be hard for me if that was going on down here in Daytona. so much going on all over the world. facebook is destroying my face. what once was lost has now been found. all these old friends. interesting to see where people i knew from high school ended up. now i am singing m.w. smith ” roaming through the night to find my place in this world.” ten years away from high school this year. wow. and ellie is sitting at the table now in a little seat. incredible looking across the table and seeing my daughter smiling at me. she is absolutely amazing. i think i understand more of C.S.Lewis. I have been “surprised by joy” almost every day with ellie. praise be to the Lord. His love endures forever.